Work/Life Balance Workshop

October 5, 2016
Johnson Rooms, 3rd Floor, Lurie Engineering Center

Lunch provided!

Presenter: Rena Seltzer, Principal Coach, Leader Academic     Bio

Description:  Graduate students striving to combine ambitious career goals with fulfilling personal lives face challenging balancing acts.  Studies show that people with a dual focus on work and personal life are less stressed and more successful than their counterparts who are primarily focused on just one or the other.   In this interactive workshop we will review the strategies these dual focused people follow to achieve balance, and will engage in related exercises to support your own healthy work/life integration.

Space is limited, so register at:  Registration will close when it reaches capacity, or on 9/30.

Sponsored by the CoE Office of Graduate Education and the Women in Science & Engineering Office.  Contact Andria Rose for more information at