Project Management

Johnson Rooms, 3rd floor, Lurie Engineering Center

Lunch provided!

Presenter: James Goebel, Founding Member of Menlo Innovations

Description: This highly interactive session offers students the opportunity to experience two important challenges in managing technical projects. The first challenge is making trade-off decisions within the constraints of the classic project management triangle (cost, time, functionality). The second challenge is being able to understand these trade-off decisions from the context of the end-user, instead of focusing solely on the engineering perspective. 

Key learning objectives:
At the conclusion of this workshop, students will:
  • Have experienced the difficulties of making constraint-bound trade-off decisions in a group context under a time pressure
  • Have experienced team decision-making dynamics in a project-planning context
  • Have experienced collaboration as an energetic, chaotic, nonlinear process, and be able to speculate on the potential advantages of this type of interaction
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