How to Foster Productive Mentoring Relationships

Johnson Rooms, 3rd floor, Lurie Engineering Center

Lunch provided!

Presenter: Emma Flores, Rackham Graduate School


Ideally, mentoring is a collaborative learning relationship that is focused on the professional development of the mentee.  But that is not always how it plays out in practice. What can you do as a graduate student to foster a productive relationship between you and your mentor(s) and be clearer about your own goals and expectations?  In this workshop, you will utilize several assessment tools to determine the attributes that you are seeking from your current mentor, how any gaps can be addressed, and an assessment of your current skills in order to identify immediate areas for development. We will also utilize the collective expertise of workshop participants to identify the practices that help PhD students build effective mentoring partnerships.

Sponsored by the CoE Office of Graduate Education.  Questions may be directed to Andria Rose, 

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