CRLT Players Performance of A Thousand Cuts: Responding to Student Climate Concerns

3/14/17 (originally 2/22/17)
Johnson Rooms (LEC)

Dinner will be provided.

Though U-M aspires to cultivate a climate that is welcoming to the members of our diverse student, faculty, and staff bodies, we know that the experiences of many in our community don't always align with these aspirations. 

In this CRLT Players session, participants will:

  • Think together about the many forces that shape campus climate
  • Develop or refine a skill set that will allow them to respond productively and compassionately to individuals who have negative experiences of climate at our university
Performers: The CRLT Theatre Program (a.k.a. the CRLT Players) uses a variety of performance modes and facilitation strategies to support CRLT's mission: " to develop and sustain a University culture that...creates learning environments in which diverse students and instructors can excel." Using theatrical representations of a range of issues common in academic life, the performances spark dialogue among faculty, graduate students, and academic administrators, with particular emphasis on issues affecting institutional climate.

Registration is required by 3/9 at

Sponsored by the CoE Office of Graduate Education and Rackham Graduate School.  For more information, please contact Tiffany Porties,