CoE Graduate Student Outing to The Henry Ford


Are you looking for something fun to do over Fall break?  CoE graduate students are invited to visit Michigan’s historical gem—The Henry Ford!  The Office of Student Affairs will provide free transportation, and one free ticket for one of the activities listed below.  Due to the limited number of people who can fit on the bus, this event is restricted to CoE graduate students only.  

Activity Options:

  • Explore the Museum of American Innovation, which features must-see artifacts, such as: the bus that Rosa Parks sat in, Kennedy’s limousine that he was shot in, the Driving America Exhibition, the Dymaxion House, the chair that Lincoln was shot in, and the Allegheny Locomotive. 
  • Tour historically significant sites in Greenfield Village, such as:  Edison’s Menlo Park Lab, Wright Brothers Home & Cycle Shop, World-Class Artisans, Firestone Farm, DT&M Roundhouse, Henry Ford Home, and the Noah Webster Home.


9:30am                       Load the UM charter bus across from Pierpont Commons, on Murfin Rd.

9:45am-10:30am         Ride bus to The Henry Ford

10:30am-3:30pm         Explore on your own
                                    You can pack a lunch or buy food from one of the vendors on-site

3:30pm                        Load bus

3:45pm-4:30pm           Ride bus back to campus

Register by 9/17 at  Please only register if you absolutely plan to attend!  Registration does not guarantee a spot.  You will be notified with your status.  Questions may be directed to Andria Rose,