Graduate Student Achievements


The College of Engineering is proud of its students who show they are the "Leaders and Best!" This page is dedicated to those graduate students who have been recognized for their achievements. We would like to showcase the achievements of all students who have received recognition for their work, so if you have been recognized (and are not already listed below), please let us know by sending email to

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Recipients

  • Ryan Dewey, CLASP
  • Yash Sarkango, CLASP
  • Jamie Ward, CLASP
  • Zachary Fair, CLASP
  • Anthony Torres, CLASP
  • Tong Shi, CLASP

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

  • Daniel Bruder, ME
  • Meira Chefitz, IS+D
  • Andrew Davis, ME
  • Sean Dix, ChE
  • Gian-Gabriel Garcia, IOE
  • Tyler Gerhardson, BME
  • Kevin Green, ME
  • Audrey Gutierrez, ECE
  • Shadrach Hepner, Aero
  • Brooke Huisman, BME
  • Jack Kosaian, CSE
  • Wesley Marrero Colon, IOE
  • Anne Menefee, CEE
  • Shannon Moran, ChE
  • Sarah Owen, ChE
  • Andrew Quinn, CSE
  • Indie Rice, BME
  • Ryan Rosario, ME
  • Adrian Sanchez, ME
  • Gregory Shallcross, ME
  • Timothy Trippel, CSE
  • Emily Tucker, IOE
  • William Wang, BME

Willie Hobbs Moore Aspire, Advance, Achieve Mentoring Award

  • Quan Zhou, BME

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards

  • Ha Thi Thu Nguyen, CEE
  • Patrick Pannuto, CSE
  • Yevgeniy Yesilevskiy, ME

Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

  • Leanna Foster, Macro

Distinguished Leadership Award-Graduate Students

  • Lydia Atangcho, ChE
  • Crystal Green, NERS
  • Corine Jackman, ChE
  • Eshita Khera, ChE
  • Janis Lai, NERS
  • Katherine Reichl, Aero
  • Donald Richardson, IOE
  • Katherine Skinner, Rob

Richard F. and Eleanor A. Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement

  • Umar Aslam, ChE
  • Charles Bussy-Virat, CLASP
  • Wenyu Gu, CEE
  • Saeed Kazemiabnavi, ME
  • Amanda Lietz, NERS
  • Gopal Nataraj, ECE
  • Erika Salem, MSE
  • Harleigh Seyffert, NAME
  • Aproov Shanker, Macro
  • Huanan Zhang, IOE
  • Junxing Zheng, CEE
  • Quan Zhou, BME

Richard F. and Eleanor A. Towner Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

  • Amrita Ray Chaudhury, BME
  • Patrick Pannuto, CSE
  • Nathan Sawicki, ECE
  • Emily Speakman, IOE

Marian Sarah Parker Prize-Graduate Student

  • Ciara Sivels, NERS

Tom S. Rice Tau Beta Pi Award

  • David Martel, BME

ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award

  • Azadeh Ansari, ECE
  • Yoonseob Kim, ChE
  • Sara Rimer, CEE
Honorable Mention:
  • Alexander Burnap, IS+D
  • Michael MacDonald, AP

Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

  • Aeriel Murphy, MS&E

Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research

  • Yu-Heng Cheng, ECE
  • Yue Shao, ME
  • Emily Speakman, IOE

MLK Spirit Awards

  • Aastik Chawla, IS+D
  • Rosemarie Figueroa, IOE
  • Christian Greenhill, MS&E
  • Janis Lai, NERS
  • Genesis Lopez, ChE
  • Chukwuka Mbagwu, Aero
  • SMES-G

Semifinalist in the PepsiCo and 21st Century Fox Search for Hidden Figures Contest 

  • Midori Maeda, Macro

Innovative Signal Analysis Management Fellowship

  • Nathan Kovarik, ECE

U.S. Department of Energy Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Award

  • Marc Paff, NERS
  • Marc Ruch, NERS

Women of Color STEM Conference Leadership Award

  • Crystal Green, NERS

Bosch Sustainability Fellowship

  • Michael Reiner, CEE
HENAAC Outstanding Engineering Graduate Student Leadership Award
  • Lianette Rivera, ChE
Chrysler Foundation Scholarship
  • Lianette Rivera, ChE

Past Student Achievements