Recruit at Home

As a graduate student in the College of Engineering, you've made a successful transition from your previous alma mater. Wouldn't it be rewarding to help others do the same? If you have plans to visit your previous institution, consider being an ambassador for the University of Michigan by recruiting new graduate students. The Recruit at Home program will help reimburse up to $750 of your travel costs. You can create this bridge to new students by organizing one of the following:

  • A general information session
  • A department seminar in your area
  • A presentation to a student society
  • A presentation to a class of one of your former professors

In preparation for your trip, you will be asked to contact professors, student society leaders or offices at the institution ahead of time to arrange a room in which to give your session; you will also need to contact prospective students to attend the session. If you are interested in participating in Recruit at Home, please fill in the Recruit at Home Interest Form and someone from the Office of Graduate Education will be in contact with you.

You are also encouraged to take department-specific materials to your recruiting session. Please contact your graduate coordinator for more information.

For additional information or questions about Recruit at Home, please contact