Lunch & Lab with a Graduate Student Mentoring Program

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The Lunch & Lab with a Graduate Student mentoring program runs annually from January - March. It is an opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about the timeline for graduate school preparation, and to inform them about the activities that are offered during the undergraduate years to aid in the process. 


  • Graduate students are asked to register in December at
  • Undergraduate students are invited to register January-March at Note: a limited amount of students may participate in this program, so it operates on a first-come-first-served basis.


  • The Office of Graduate Education matches students based on preferences. 
  • The students will determine when to meet for lunch at a Union eatery. 
  • Lunch is FREE! Graduate student mentors will be provided with Munchie Money to pay for the meals.
  • Undergraduates can ask questions about admissions, research, funding, academics, faculty advisors, or student life.  
  • Following lunch, the graduate mentor will take their mentee to their lab for a tour, if possible.  
  • Both mentors and mentees should take the online survey to share their experiences with the program:

Questions may be directed to Sponsored by the CoE Office of Graduate Education.


Areas of Specialization

Mentor Guide

Mentee Guide

Guide for UM Undergrads