Welcome Volunteer Roles

All volunteers should wear a department or Michigan t-shirt, if possible.

Set-up Crew (8 needed)
Duderstadt Center South Lawn
Set-up chairs and department signs around the lawn (5 per department)

Escape Room Hosts (60 needed)
Assigned room
A new component of this year’s welcome is the Michigan Escape Room Challenge.  Each room will have 2 hosts and up to 16 new students assigned to it.  Each room will be stocked with duplicate materials.  The concept is that the students need to solve 9 puzzles to obtain the code to “escape” the room.  Volunteers for this role will need to attend one 2-hour orientation, in order to learn how to set the room, give directions, and facilitate the game: 8/15 10:00-12:00; 8/16 3:00-5:00; 8/17 3:00-5:00; 8/18 10:00-12:00.  All take place in 1200 EECS.  Once you complete the volunteer registration, select your orientation time here: http://doodle.com/poll/eatkzq27vqs2mqnb.

Ice Cream Cart Managers (6 needed)
Duderstadt Center South Lawn
Meet the delivery person, prepare 3 carts, distribute treats, return carts to delivery person.

Directors (8 needed)
Route between Stamps Auditorium and the Duderstadt Center South Lawn
Volunteers will establish a route leading from Stamps Auditorium, through the Duderstadt Center, and out the southwest entrance. 

Ice Cream Social Hosts
(10 per department)
Duderstadt Center South Lawn
Mingle with new students from your department while enjoying ice cream.

Clean-up Crew (8 needed)
Duderstadt Center South Lawn
Collect chairs and stack them under overhang near the southwest building entrance.

Evening Social Hosts (10 needed)
Michigan Union Pendleton Room and Billiards Room
Mingle with new students.  Volunteers should bring board/group games and encourage interaction.